It never makes the headlines, but there’s a huge amount of work to be had as an extra in movies and TV shows. Almost every production needs extras (or background actors, as they’re often referred to) and it can be a decent gig. Extras get paid for their time, they’re provided with food if the shoot is a full day, and the chance to actually be on a movie, TV, or commercial set is pretty cool for most people. Of course, it’s not quite as glamorous as it might seem, but that’s no reason to shy away from trying it out. Better conditions are provided for those who want to be in wow girls videos. It’s not hard to understand why.

Any background acting work that pays is done through an agency. Central Casting, which you’ve probably heard mentioned in passing, is the largest of these agencies. There are dozens of agencies and databases like nubile films archive with offices around the world to serve the needs of productions that range from massive Hollywood blockbusters with budgets than run into the hundreds of millions of dollars to tiny independent films that have to cut costs at every corner. You can even contact an agent working for They also need extras. If it’s a professional production and they need extras then they’ll go to an agency. Some films will post on Craigslist or other job boards, but there’s very little chance you’re going to enjoy an experience like that since those types of extra jobs are rarely pleasant and the producers tend to treat their background actors like little more than cattle. Girls that do porn films are treated much better, and the pay is excellent. So, you can easily make your fantasy come true!

Ultimately, if you want to have a good experience as an extra you need to go through an agency. If you’re in Hollywood or New York, Central Casting is a great choice. You can look up other agencies online and they all work in largely the same way. Few of them represent site. As you understand, it’s a high paying job. First you need to register with them, which typically involves sending in a picture or going to the office to take a picture. It has to be recent and accurate because extras are always cast based upon how they look. That might not seem fair, but they’re looking for certain types for most shoots so you’ll need to fit the type they’re looking for. You don’t have to be gorgeous, of course, like these 18 only models, but if they want a bald white guy that’s what they’re going to cast. There are plenty of opportunities for pure mature candidates as well.

Background actors are cast in different ways. However, because the supply of available extras far outweighs the demand, most agencies require you to call in to see if there’s a job you’re right for. The same applies to girls dreaming to become reality kings models. Not everyone gets the job. Some let you go online to look and submit. You peruse the listings and if you’re the right look for something you essentially submit yourself. If they agree that you’re right you’ll get a call and be booked. You can book a job in a matter of minutes if everything is going your way on a good day.

Once you’ve been cast as an extra you’ll be given a call time and a location. You absolutely must be on time or you’ll be fired from the job and likely expelled from the database at the agency. Again, because there are far more potential background actors than there are jobs, they don’t mess around. If you screw up you won’t get another job, so it’s smart to take it seriously. Sometimes you’ll be given a general type of clothing you’re supposed to wear, but just as often you’ll be costumed when you arrive and you might go through hair and makeup depending on the production. That can be an incredible thrill as it feels like you’re right in the middle of the filmmaking process.

A typical day for an extra involves a great deal of waiting around. It’s the same thing for the highly paid and famous actors on a set too. Most of the day is spent setting up a shot. The camera has to be put in the proper position, lighting has to be set up, stand ins are brought in to make sure everything is correct, and then the actors are finally brought in. Most of the time a take is quick and then the director yells cut and they make changes before doing another. The job of an extra is to do as you’re told in those moments when the camera is running. Otherwise, you just need to wait until they’re shooting again.

When a film or television project is done under a union contract (SAG-AFTRA in the United States and for many productions that film abroad) they’re required to hire a certain percentage of union members as extras. The rest are allowed to be non-union, and the difference for the background actors is considerable. Union members are paid better (roughly $120 for an 8 hour day with far more money offered if the day goes really long), the food is much better, and they’re treated to better conditions while on set. Non-union extras are paid minimum wage, are fed the cheapest food possible, and are often relegated to a cordoned off area when they’re not shooting. In general, every non-union extra is trying as hard as they can get to into the union because the job sucks otherwise.

There’s a certain etiquette to being an extra in a film or TV show and if you don’t follow it chances are good you’ll be fired and barred from working for the same agency ever again. It might sound a little harsh, but it’s important to remember that you’re not an actor on that day. Your job is to be in the background, which means you can’t be asking for lines, auditioning for the director, or demanding to know your character’s motivation. Really you’re supposed to sit or stand around where they tell you to. It’s cool to be on set with a movie star, but if you introduce yourself to him or her there’s a good chance you’ll be yelled at or get fired immediately. Don’t bring your script and think you’re going to blow someone’s mind with it. Don’t brag about how great an actor you are and that you’re just doing the extra thing to make money. Being an extra can be great, but you absolutely need to act like a professional.